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Çıralı Environment

Olympos (Ancient City)

Chimera (Nature Wonder)

Ulupınar (Fish Pleasure)

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Çıralı Surrounding

One of the best known places has become Çıralı in the inland and abroad at the Turkish Riviera by now. It is the first reason of it that Çıralı still has kept his natural beauty and is the second reason that the water is one of the cleanest in the Çıralı bay in the whole world here in this. You find no hotel castles, the opposite small hotels and pensions of families commanded here.

The sea turtles Caretta Carettas which go here to the beaches and put the eggs in the sand every year between May and September also contribute that Çıralı I has been very confessed. Çıralı has a 3,5 km long sandy beach which has a breadth between 50-100 meters.Itself a very fine sand is available on the beach, one sees a mixture of sand and stones in front on the sea side.

A side of Çıralı is separated from the Olympos beach for one river running of the ancient city of Olympos through and limits the other northern side of a mountain creek.Another sight of Çıralı is Yanartas (Chimera).

This place is northeast of it due to a valley with the name Yanar vadi. In Greek mythology becomes this place in connection with Chimera -- mentions Pegasos and Bellerophon. There are 3 places here which spit the eternal fire of Chimera out. It is mentioned in the stories that the brave Bellerophon with its horse Pegasos killed the monster of Chimera here on the hill. Therefore Yanartas is a very interesting place for many visitors from all the world.

In addition, Çıralı has become a meeting place of many hikers of the Lykien way. You meet here many young and old people from all the world, these (at Antalya) 550 km go the Lykien way from Fethiye to Hisarcandir or a stretch of road of this every year. Çıralı is a popular and preferential place for many nature-lovers.